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Sonar GPS Car Tracker! Real-Time Location, and Remote Diagnostics for your Vehicle.

For small businesses - families and personal.

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Compatible with major car brands

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GPS Tracking?

Every company vehicle is either being useful or wasting money, that’s why reducing downtime and optimizing vehicle efficiency is the key.
Now you can take control against time theft, avoid unnecessary detours, drivers taking side-jobs, costly breakdowns and more.


Our technology is used in over 50.000 vehicles

Ways Fleet Tracking pays itself

Improve customer satisfaction

Respond services on time, with GPS location. Stop losing time calling to find out where someone is.

Prevent unauthorized use

Get alerts if a vehicle is being driven for personal use or if it leaves your facilities.

Maximize vehicule utilization

Create automatic alerts to remind drivers to turn off their engines when excessive idling.

Increase driver safety

Gain visibility into unsafe driving behavior so you can easily coach drivers.

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Fleet Real-time Tracking

Real-time updates, Speeding, Driver Behavior, Idling, alerts and much more.


Fleet Location

Track real-time location and record all the trips drivers have taken. Including star and stop addresses.

Trips History

Review trips to confirm timely delivery and eliminate discrepancies, view maximum speed and engine idling time.


Create zones in any location, get alerted right away and confirm time of arrival at job sites.

Instant Alerts

Real-time alerts for events on the road, such as speeding, excessive idling, hard braking, fast acceleration, quick cornering and more.


Complete report system which processes data and converts it into usable information presented as PDF or Excel formats, delivered to your email.

Fleet Sensor Tracking

Technology to monitor sensitive loads, with temperature, humidity and door sensors


Reefer Monitoring

Get evidence of maintained temperature control throughout trips, avoiding manual inputs by paper.

Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Sensors with bluetooth technology with long-lasting battery, with the ability to have 4 connected sensors simultaneously.

Door Sensor

Get alerts when the status of the doors changes, and know the exact place where they were opened or closed during the trips.

Fleet Maintenance

Keep your fleet on the road and increase vehicle runtime.


With telematics data, it is easy to keep up with preventative maintenances and quickly respond to vehicle issues.

Preventative Maintenance

More uptime staying on top of preventive maintenance tasks for every vehicle.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Proactively spot issues for any vehicle and identify those in need of service to avoid breakdowns.

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